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MOdelling Paleo Processes - MEDiterranean sea-level change and projection for future FLOODing

INQUA - International Union for Quaternary Research

Dublin, Ireland website

MEDFLOOD is a four-year interdisciplinary project launched in 2012 by a team of scientists working in fields related with Mediterranean sea-level change. The project had the timely and ambitious aim to build a spatially explicit database of relative sea level markers for the Mediterranean and to use this resource to model risk and help predict future flooding in and around the Mediterranean basin.
Geographical coverage
  • Mediterranean (widespread)
Intended Users
  • Policy-makers/managers/planners
  • Researchers and scientists
Source of funding
  • Public funding
  • Private funding
Information format
  • Map/Gis
  • Documents
Information sources
  • Own production
Country coverage
  • France
  • Greece
  • Israel
  • Italy
  • Spain
Downloadable databases
  • Yes