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UfM labelled projects

The UfM label is attributed to regional cooperation projects by the unanimous endorsement of the 43 UfM countries that meet on a regular basis through their country representatives, or Senior Officials, designated by the respective ministries of foreign affairs. The UfM label:

  • Brings the support of 43 countries: through the UfM label, the project promoter gains the support of 43 countries; this awareness and visibility helps him to further raise support and mobilise partners.
  • Helps to find solutions for complex regional projects: the UfM label allows to overcome difficulties in regional initiatives and mobilise governments and stakeholders towards a project’s success.
  • Facilitates access to finance: the UfM Secretariat helps project promoters gain access to a strong network of donors and financial institutions, from the Mediterranean region and beyond.
  • Makes a project idea become a reality: the Secretariat’s network of Euro-Mediterranean partners as well as in-house and external expertise help a project idea become a reality on the ground.

Here below, the blue economy related projects labelled by UfM: