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Comune di Porto-Torres, Italy

Porto-Torres, Italy website

The project addresses the issue of IN.PORT.O strengthening the maritime links between Sardinia and Corsica as a solution to assist the socio-economic growth of the two main islands of the border.
The project encourages policies and joint actions aimed at developing new solutions and enhance sustainable maritime transport networks for sustainable mobility. The aim in this way to improve the internal links and watch the classes "social" disadvantage.
The overall objective is the strengthening of the integrated transport RO / PAX (passengers and goods) between the north-west of Sardinia and the south-west of Corsica.
The main beneficiaries of the interventions provided are the managers of the activities of passenger and freight, traders and residents in the territories for intervention, with particular attention to the social classes "weak".
  • Finalised
Geographical coverage
  • Regional (including Mediterranean sea basin)
Intended Users
  • Administrations/Authorities
  • Businessmen/Companies
  • General public
Source of funding
  • EU Funds
  • Public funding
Country of project partners
  • France
  • Italy