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Mediterranean climate evolution and connection with the Atlantic Ocean: inferences from high-resolution marine archives

CEA - French Alternative Energies and Atomic Energy Commission, France

Saclay, France website

The scope of this project (Mediterranean climate evolution and connection with the atlantic ocean: inferences from high-resolution marine archives) is to develop long, continuous high-resolution climate records on a variety of timescales ranging from several years (monthly to decadal) to many thousands of years (millennial scale), using the chemical variations (trace elements, U/Th, radiocarbon and Nd-isotopes) of Mediterranean and Atlantic shallow- and deep-water coral skeletons.The project aims to better understand the mechanisms governing climate variations in the Mediterranean Basin and to quantify the relationship with global changes, with a specific focus on the modifications in the Mediterranean Sea Atlantic Ocean connection. All the data obtained will eventually be used to carry out modelling exercises of past Mediterranean/Atlantic climate and to test how well a particular climate model simulated natural climate variability.
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