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Wind power going further offshore

Ideol, France

Le Croisic, France website

The objective of the FLOATGEN project is to demonstrate the technical and economic feasibility of floating-wind turbines, in order to expand the development potential of offshore wind farms into more windy and deeper waters that are not currently commercially viable and demonstrate potential in decrease of costs for electricity generation. The project will also assess the performance of such combination of wind turbine and floating structure technology to get the knowledge to improve the performance of future up-scaling projects of this technology.
  • Permanent
Geographical coverage
  • Regional (including Mediterranean sea basin)
Intended Users
  • Administrations/Authorities
  • Businessmen/Companies
  • General public
Source of funding
  • EU Funds
  • Public funding
Country of project partners
  • Germany
  • France
  • Spain
  • United Kingdom